Our Partners

Khure Health partners with leading centres of excellence, patient advocacy groups, and healthcare providers to deliver the most comprehensive tools and information to primary care physicians when diagnosing rare or specialty conditions.

Partnering with Khure Health

For Pharma companies:

Over 560 drugs are in development for the treatment of rare and specialty disease, yet many patients will not be properly diagnosed and treated

  • We help identify patients and match them to right treatment pathway.
  • We help accelerate clinical trial enrollment by finding eligible patients faster.
  • We improve the knowledge and capacity of primary and specialty physicians.

For Associations and Patient Advocacy Organizations:

Many physicians struggle to keep up to all the latest clinical guidelines for rare and specialty disease

  • We educate and support physicians so they can better assess patients with rare disease.
  • We help minimize the patient frustration and pain by enabling better conversations with physicians.
  • We support and accelerate the right care pathways.