AI-Accelerated Clinical Study Patient Enrollment

Khure Health’s AI-Enabled Clinical Intelligence platform is revolutionizing patient recruitment for clinical trials. Khure Health’s Advanced AI platform is integrated across physician practices and hospital electronic medical record networks to instantly identify high-quality patients for study enrollment to accelerate clinical science and discovery.

Game Changing Clinical Research Execution

By harnessing the power of AI and leveraging the electronic medical record, Khure Health is able to revolutionize and rapidly accelerate patient recruitment, study monitoring and follow-up.

Accelerate Enrollment & Reduce Cost

Eliminate the inefficiency of manual research and high costs to identify patients for inclusion. Click a button instead, and instantly identify high quality patients for immediate enrollment.

Enhanced Clinical Support

Khure Health's Clinical team can assist physicians in understanding identified patients and facilitate their study enrollment.

Efficient and Effective

Create efficiencies for all in patient follow-up, protocol adherence and reporting, leading to acceleration of new clinical discoveries.

Instantly identify patients for study enrollment

  • Clinical support provided to evaluate each patient and thus take appropriate action.
  • Rapid, quality patient enrollment
  • Significantly accelerated time to study completion

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