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Scale AI Investment

News: Khure Health is excited to be participating with MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc. in this Scale AI investment to accelerate the use of AI-enabled technologies to improve patient care. Check out this link to view more details regarding this news.

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Khure Health: Rare Disease Day 2021

Khure Health asked physicians what they think about AI-Enabled Clinical Intelligence Khure Health remains committed to raising awareness of rare conditions and to its mission of utilizing advanced AI to help the rare disease community, consisting of over 300 million people around the world, who face significant obstacles in terms

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Khure Health launches AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence Platform for >50 Rare Diseases and New Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Accelerator

AI-enabled Rare Disease Clinical Intelligence Khure Health is launching a highly advanced version of their AI-enabled clinical intelligence platform which now has algorithms to rapidly identify patients within Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) potentially at risk of over 50 rare and specialty pathologies. Khure Health’s mission is to assist physicians in

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Primacy and Khure Health partner to accelerate the diagnosis of rare disease patients and get them on the right care pathways.

Khure Health is excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Primacy Management Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Calian Ltd. (CGY:CN)) to offer our AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence Platform to approximately 1000 physicians, serving over six million Canadians annually at over 150 Primacy medical clinics across Canada. Through

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