Dr. David Price to Join Khure Health’s Medical Advisory Board

“Rare diseases are a challenge to diagnose, because they are just that; extremely rare. Over the course of a 30+ year career, a family physician will only identify a tiny fraction of the huge numbers of rare diseases that science and genetics are revealing. With the advances in genomic science and personalized medicine, hundreds of new rare diseases are discovered annually, adding to the thousands already known.

What is needed now, is technology to help family physicians and other primary care providers such as nurse practitioners, identify these rare diseases, especially those for which there are novel and emerging therapies. Advanced AI-enabled Solutions, such as tech like Khure Health’s clinical intelligence platform, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence [AI] to capitalize on the vast amounts of patient data in EMRs, enabling the potential diagnosis and hopefully improved treatment and quality of life for the patient.

It is anticipated that identification of rare disease in patients, and care pathway optimization technologies, will play an even larger role in clinical decision support in the future.”

– Dr. David Price MD, CCFP, FCFP

Dr. David Price MD, CCFP, FCFP Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine McMaster University

We are honoured to have Dr. David Price join the Khure Health Medical Advisory Board to help us continue to strive to achieve our mission of helping physicians save lives and end the suffering of rare and specialty disease patients, utilizing advanced AI.

To learn more about Khure Health and its AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence platform, check out this page or contact us for information.

Khure Health

Khure Health

Empowering physicians to identify and treat patients with rare and specialty diseases.

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