OMA Past President Dr. Nadia Alam Joins Khure Health Medical Advisory Board

“I have been a doctor for over a decade now — and medical knowledge even over that short period of time has just grown exponentially. The way we manage diabetes, osteoporosis, COPD, heart failure, menopausal symptoms, mental health — it’s all changed and changed again.

I read an article once that said that a family doctor would have to add 18 more hours to their 24 hour day just to keep up with the expanding scope of comprehensive practice. Having clinical decision support tools like Khure Health’s AI-enabled rare disease risk identification platform helps me be a better doctor.

Using artificial intelligence to augment physician intelligence, skill and experience is a powerful combination. This is where innovative technology intersects with compassionate care so that no patient falls through the cracks. With Khure Health, we can do more.”

– Dr. Nadia Alam MD, CCFP-A, MSc HEPM

Dr. Nadia Alam

Dr. Nadia Alam MD, CCFP-A, MSc HEPM
Family Physician, Halton Hills
Faculty, U of T Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation
Faculty, U of T Department of Family and Community Medicine
Past – President, Ontario Medical Association

We are honoured to have Dr. Nadia Alam, Family Physician Halton Healthcare and Past President of the Ontario Medical Association, join the Khure Health Medical Advisory Board to help us continue to strive to achieve our mission of helping physicians save lives and end the suffering of rare and specialty disease patients, utilizing advanced AI.

To learn more about Khure Health and its AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence platform, check out this page or contact us for information.

Khure Health

Khure Health

Empowering physicians to identify and treat patients with rare and specialty diseases.

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