Don Watts and Khure Health have been Recognized as Start-Up Innovator of the Year 2021 by Digital Health Canada.

As president of Khure Health, Don Watts has revolutionized the way and the speed in which patients living with rare diseases are identified, diagnosed and treated by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to support clinicians at the point of care. In his leadership of Khure Health, Don created a company, product, and service that have helped thousands of patients move along the rare disease pathway. Not only are Khure Health’s service and product invaluable for patients who struggle to find a diagnosis, but Khure Health is changing the way physicians synthesize data and provide meaningful and clinically indicated testing and diagnosis.

Don has a long history of leadership excellence and experience in the healthcare industry. In combination with his passion and dedication to helping many live better lives through technology, Don has created a company that is significantly impacting patients, families, and providers and addressing systemic challenges within our healthcare system. These efforts are all aligned with Canada’s digital/virtual health agenda and will be a continued contributor in the under-represented rare disease space.

Within Khure, Don is recognized as a committed and compassionate leader. Don has cultivated a team of like-minded individuals who each have a personal and professional passion for rare disease detection and education. Don is dedicated to the team members’ success as much as he is to the company. By leading with vision and care, Don is recognized within our small organization as the glue holding us together – his vision keeps our focus aligned.

Don is a courageous and innovative leader in the rare disease space, one that is not easy to navigate and build a business model around in the Canadian healthcare system. In his leadership at Khure, Don tirelessly empowers his employees and helps reduce barriers to diagnosis, improve education and awareness, reduce suffering, and streamline healthcare utilization by constantly innovating and adapting to the changing needs in the rare disease space. In essence, Don’s work is a revolutionary contribution to the betterment of healthcare, not only for Canadians but the global population.

Khure Health

Khure Health

Empowering physicians to identify and treat patients with rare and specialty diseases.

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