Khure Health launches AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence Platform for >50 Rare Diseases and New Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Accelerator

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AI-enabled Rare Disease Clinical Intelligence

Khure Health is launching a highly advanced version of their AI-enabled clinical intelligence platform which now has algorithms to rapidly identify patients within Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) potentially at risk of over 50 rare and specialty pathologies. Khure Health’s mission is to assist physicians in saving lives and ending the suffering of these complex patients.  Khure Health’s industry leading platform is EMR integrated and harnesses the power of NLP and ML, while leveraging the immense amount of clinical data within the EMR in compliance with privacy regulations. Click here to see a few key facts on rare diseases.

Accelerating Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

The platform now also includes advanced Clinical Research capabilities.

“Accelerating clinical trial patient recruitment by utilizing the power of advanced AI will expedite scientific discovery. Patient recruitment is challenging in general, and magnitudes more difficult for rare and complex pathologies.  Our clinical intelligence platform addresses this issue with “click-of-a-button” efficiency and effectiveness.  We’re excited to bring our clinical trial offering to the scientific community and to those suffering patients who are desperately in need of new clinical solutions.”

Don Watts, President, Khure Health

If you are a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), scientist or physician interested in hearing more about how Khure Health’s AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence platform can accelerate your research, please click here to learn more.

Khure Health

Khure Health

Empowering physicians to identify and treat patients with rare and specialty diseases.

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