Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khure Health?

Khure Health is an AI health technology company with a mission to help physicians end the suffering of rare disease patients and their families.  Through our advanced AI rare disease dashboard and clinical expertise, we help physicians identify rare disease patients and get them on the right care pathway to ultimately improve their quality of life and health outcomes.

I don’t have any patients in my practice who have a rare disease.

The truth is rare diseases are not so rare. In fact, over 7000 rare diseases are known to exist, affecting over 300 million people worldwide and approximately 1 in 12 people in Canada.   Every physician in Canada has a rare disease patient whether they know it or not.  Recognizing a rare disease patient can be extremely difficult.  It can be easy to mistake a rare disease for another condition or not recognize it early before disease progression.  According to studies, it can take on average, 7.6 years for a patient to get a diagnosis for a rare disease and they typically receive 2-3 misdiagnoses during this time. We help primary care physicians practice with the confidence that they have strong support on rare disease patient identification and care pathway optimization. 

Is there a cost to the program?

No, our program is free for physicians.

How did you create the clinical inclusion criteria for each rare disease screener?

Where available, we use published clinical guidelines and partner with Global Key Opinion Leaders, Centres of Excellence and Rare Disease Associations to build a robust and up-to-date criterion for each disease state. We ensure that our clinical criteria are thoroughly scrutinized and in line with the key guidelines. Our algorithms identify high-risk patients, not a huge list based on broad parameters– that’s why we create very tight clinical criteria to ensure only those most at-risk patients are flagged for the physician.

If the dashboard identifies a patient, what do I do next?

The best thing about the Khure Health dashboard is that we make everything easy for the physician. All you have to do is decide which patients could benefit from a referral and we help with the next steps. We embed referral forms into your EMR which can be prefilled and faxed before it gets sent off to the respective specialist. Referrals go directly from you to the Specialist.  Alternatively, if you need to run additional lab tests to double-check anything, we will be there with you to help you identify the steps or how to order the specific test.

What are the steps involved?

Step 1

Set Up

• Virtually upload the dashboard onto your desktop

Time: Typically 15 minutes of your time

Step 2

Dashboard Review

• Set up a time to clinically review the dashboard with our Clinical Specialists and run through the results and any questions you may have

Time Typically 30-45 minutes

Step 3

Referral or Additional Tests

• We have all the next steps for you including embedded lab tests and referral forms into your EMR

What about privacy?

Protecting the security and privacy of our customers’ data and their patient data is paramount for Khure Health. This includes complying with Canadian Data Protection regulations, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). Your patient data never leaves your office. We will also sign a Physician Agreement with you describing our commitment to privacy and our agreed-upon process.   

Do I have to tell my patients we are doing this?

The decision to tell your patient is completely up to you. Most physicians opt to not inform them unless they choose to run further tests. For more information regarding our role in the delivery of services, you can refer to the PHIPA guidelines that address the “agent” relationship that healthcare custodians have with 3rd parties with respect to sharing PHI. Since Khure Health helps with the “planning or delivery of programs and services”, we meet the criteria as well as most 3rd party services that you would engage with (janitorial staff, IT companies, etc.) meet these criteria.

Do you collect my data?

No. We will work with you to help identify patients who may be at high-risk of a rare disease in your practice. We have access to the data during our sessions with you when we install and review the dashboard with you. During our time with you, we do not collect any personally identifiable patient information. Once we finish our time with you, we no longer have access to any of the data on the computer. The dashboard itself is stored and uploaded locally (on your desktop). This means only you and anyone who has access to your computer will be able to access your data.